Don’t have a mobile app for your hotel yet? Here’s why you should.

In today’s technology-driven world, simplistic mobile solutions are at the heart of any successful business. Hotels that have a strong mobile presence have the opportunity to engage with the 82% of travelers that carry a mobile device whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet.

Many hotel owners however do not realize how well mobile applications can compliment their highly personalized and custom-tailored services and elevate their already exceptional services. What hotel manager has not heard guests complaining about the followings:

  • Having a hard time locating the transportation to the hotel;
  • Check-in process that feels like an eternity for a jet-lagged guest that just wants to get to his room and have some well deserved rest;
  • Foreign guests facing language barriers leading to miscommunication with the hotel staff and ending up often in frustrations;
  • Guests having to run down to the front desk to get their keycard reinitialized;
  • Miscommunication with the staff regarding wake up calls…

Digitizing the Hospitality Industry – Numbers Don’t Lie

It’s safe to say that if a company or business is not active online, they may not be taken quite as seriously as their competitors that are.

Going digital is the fastest growing trend in the word; in fact, we could go so far as to say that it’s no longer a trend, but a necessity. All the negative aspects mentioned above could be completely eradicated by two small devices that we greatly depend on every day: a tablet or a smartphone.

Enter the smart hotel powered by mobile applications: it allows you to do all of the above on either your own devices or one provided by the hotel itself.

Providing guests with the option of a self-service kiosk that allows them to check in and out all on their own is just the tip of the iceberg. As a recent poll sponsored by the Wall Street Journal has revealed, over 90% of respondents said they had either already made use of, or are looking forward to, the convenience of using automated kiosks.

The same poll has indicated that only 24% of guests feel that a hotel’s technology is not important, whereas 36% finds it to be an essential deciding factor, and a further 46% agree it is important. Millenials are now looking into customizing their entire hospitality experience using the device that they all love so much. After all wouldn’t it just make sense to keep on using the device that served to book the room to manage the entire stay?

Being firmly entrenched within a booming technological age should be taken advantage of – quickly! Mobile applications provide instant on-demand information, services and support to your guests, so why haven’t you implemented it yet?

Moustapha Ndoye, CEO