Teranga Hospitality Solutions

A Revolutionary approch to hospitality management



You just got off the plane after a long flight to a foreign land and following long lines at immigration, you’re exhausted. Despite this, you must find your driver who will take you to the hotel where you will wait some more to check-in. Once finally in the room, you must figure out how to turn on the lights, adjust climate controls and find your favorite TV channels.

Instead of wasting valuable time, what if you could check-in, order a meal, set your room environment preferences, and schedule your wake-up call in a few clicks as soon as you land?

At the hotel, wouldn’t you enjoy direct, one-touch access to room service, front desk requests, a virtual city guide, and weather and local news and information, all in your native language? How about a personal guide through the hotel’s restaurants, spa, fitness and conference facilities?

Now leave your imagination behind and experience Teranga …

We turn a simple hotel stay or a diner at a restaurant into an unprecedented experience leveraging on the convergence of mobile technologies and cloud computing.

Our Team

The executive team of Teranga Solutions has decades of combined experience in ICT, Business Development, UX Design and product management. Our vision is to offer the best of mobile and cloud-based applications to provide an unprecedented hospitality experience while increasing revenue and reducing operational costs.

Our Locations