Teranga Signature



With 65% of the same day reservations being made using mobile devices, Teranga Signature will give your hotel access to a new powerful sales tool that gives them more exposure and therefore potentially new sales.

Teranga Signature also offers guests a robust array of hotel information and interactive services. The app is both available on IOS and Android.


Hotel information

Marketing push notifications

Guest loyalty card

Events section

Admin Interface

The Back-end feature gives the hotel/restauran's manager complete control over what, how and where he wants the items to be displayed at no additional reprinting or laminating cost. It also provides a wide array of analytics to track operations metrics, services trends, and profitability.

Real time booking

Contacts and interactive directions

On screen display of orders in the kitchen

Guestbook for reviews and option to share on social networks

On screen display of orders in the kitchen

Up selling on other product or services by hotel or partners

Property Management System Integration